Bedding and Licenses by Post

September 21, 1960

Dear Dad,

Just another wee note, I’m afraid.

By the end of the week I hope to be able to give you some news about accommodation. Have two places lined up but won’t tell you about them right now until I know something more definite. Incidentally, if at all possible, you might make some inquiries around town about sending me a parcel of bed sheets, towels, pillow slips and one or two blankets which I am going to need rather soon if I move into a place of my own. I don’t know exactly how it would be best and safest to send these things but perhaps if you were to get in touch with Mr. Benedict at the External Affairs depot on Yonge Street in Toronto he might be able to give you some information. The RCAF have been very kindly bringing our office supplies to us and perhaps if this channel is going to remain open, it might be possible to include a parcel along with another shipment. I think I already mentioned in an earlier letter that bedding, etc., is virtually nonexistent in the shops here because the UN have bought up everything in stock for their personnel.

Must dash now,

Love, David

September 28, 1960

Dear Dad,

A real quickie – I’m sending this off in an airmail envelope tomorrow via Canadian Army postal facilities, so I hope it should reach you without much delay.

Would you please send me, by return airmail, both my Ontario driver’s license and my German driver’s license. The German one is grey linen. I think you will find them in a folder marked “Nixon Car File” on the shelf in the closet in Russ’s room. I know my German license is there and I think I put my Ontario license there before leaving. If you can only find the German one, please don’t worry about the Ontario license, as I think a European license will do just fine. I am taking over Roger Bull’s jeep on Monday next, by the way.

Have terrific news about accommodation but it will have to wait, I’m afraid, until I have a bit more letter writing time.

Love Dave

David's German license, with Ontario license attached

David’s German license, with Ontario license attached

David's Congolese Driver's License

David’s Congolese Driver’s License – note the yellow attachment. One used to have to have an actual liquor license to drink or buy booze in Ontario. This one appears to have served another purpose in the Congo.


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