On Board the Empress of Scotland, part 2

On Empress of Scotland Airmail Stationery

November 27, 1955

Dear Dad & Russ,

Well, here I am, nearing the end of a most enjoyable voyage. We stop at Greenock tomorrow morning where, I expect, this letter will be posted.

Until I get to a typewriter I won’t go into detail about the trip so far. Besides, there will be much more to tell you, I’m sure, about crossing England, the North Sea, Holland and Germany.

I’ve met some awfully interesting (elderly) people on board, including [Lord] Beaverbrook’s sister and Mrs. Madge Macbeth, the Canadian writer who is off to the Canary Islands to write another book.

Guess what? I’ve won £5 14s 6d (about $16.50) playing Bingo and horse-racing! Not bad for a beginner.

So far the Atlantic has been about as rough as Dow’s Lake – hardly a whitecap all week.

I must go now – tea is being served in the Lounge – complete with a string quartet!

I’ll write you a good long letter from Bonn around the end of the week.

Love, Dave

Menu for Last Night at Sea


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