On Board the Empress of Scotland, part 1

On Empress of Scotland Airmail Stationery

November 22, 1955

Dear Dad & Russ,

Just finished a sirloin steak and thought I’d drop you a line. Believe me, the Chateau Laurier has nothing on the Empress of Scotland.

We had life-jacket drill this morning. No young people on board at all so I rented a deck chair and am spending my time reading Greek mythology. Wonderful rest anyways. I have B-11 and the boat is not very crowded.

Had a wonderful send-off with Bill [Glenn], Sylvia [Tysick], and Penny [?] last night, and Bill and Penny were down on the wharf to wave at 8 o’clock this morning. Very nice!

Guess what? I forgot my blue raincoat! And me bound for London at that. Will you please get it ready to send to me as soon as I write saying I’ve arrived in Bonn?

Will drop you a card from London or Liverpool.

love, Dave

First Class on the Empress of Scotland


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