OK, so where is he NOW? Two handwritten notes from Saigon.

Saigon, April 4, 1955

Dear Dad & Russ,

Well, look who’s where now! Honestly, the way I gad about these days I’m sure I shan’t be content to sit still for a week on end ever again! This all happened so suddenly that I hardly realize where I am! You see, Mr. Duder decided that it was high time I took a week or so away from the office (and accounts). It’s been fairly quiet in the office lately, so he figured there was no time like the present. Sooo, yesterday I hopped aboard the courier plane (another plane!) and flew down here to Saigon. It’s really quite a pleasant change, believe me! New faces, new food, a little cooler than Phnom Penh AND SPRING BEDS!!! I’m staying again at the Hotel Continental Palace. It seems so strange to be in a big city again. Would you believe they even have streetlights in Saigon? (Guess I’ve been tucked away in the jungle too long, eh?) Mr. Crepault, with whom I travelled to Indochina last August is now Head of the Canadian Delegation here in Saigon. You know, there’s only one disadvantage to all this, and that is NO TYPEWRITER!! I’m already getting writer’s cramp just in this short note!

Well, folks, I must get busy and do some more loafing (it’s quite delightful having nothing to do for a change – although I’m sure that in a week’s time I shall be utterly bored to tears!)

So, for this time, I close.

Lots of love,


Airmail letters from Viet Nam. The blue stamp upper left is of Emperor Bao Dai.

April 10, 1955

Dear Dad & Russ,

You can’t imagine how surprised I was to see Easter lilies in the lobby of the hotel yesterday afternoon!

Easter – already! And I’m still patiently waiting for the first signs of winter.

Golly, I miss you both so much today. At these special times of year it seems so important to have the family all together. Oh well, such is life and life is such. Just four and a half more months and the family will all be together again (unless, of course, Russ decides to get a summer job in Tokyo modelling kimonos for the tourists – HA!! – this I’ve got to see!) [Russ had apparently been modelling the kimonos David had sent home for friends.]

It feels just a little bit more like Easter than it felt like Christmas. You can almost imagine that “Spring has sprung” (rather suddenly and violently, I must admit) although when I come to think of it, these are the same palm trees and flowers blooming as at Christmas.

Well, folks, Roger Reardon, who came down on Friday, is waiting for me to go to lunch.

Back to “Darkest Cambodia” tomorrow. I’ll TYPE you a good long letter.

Must Dash. Happy Easter!



Be sure to read the next instalment, when we find out the REAL reason David was in Saigon!

Telegram transcribed by Glen Nixon, April 6, 1955.


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